General Contracting Questions

How long has Blair Commercial Painting been in business?

Blair Painting has been in business since the early 1980’s, concentrating on painting commercial buildings.  In 2016, Frank Miles became the new owner of BCP, changed the name to Blair Commercial Painting, LLC and broadened the scope of work to include industrial painting, new construction, and residential properties.

What is the customer journey from start to finish with BCP? - “The BCP Way”

“The BCP Way” is the process we’ve created at BCP to ensure that our customers are always aware of the status of their project.  They will know the progress of their project journey, and is never left wondering what is going on with their project.

Who do I talk to once my project is underway?

Before the start of each project, after a signed contract has been provided, one of our Project Managers will reach out prior to the start of any work to revisit the scope of work, apply sample colors as needed, and will provide an upcoming start date and timeline.

What kind of payment does BCP accept?

We accept ACH transfers, check, and if it is preferred to pay using a credit card, there will be a 3.5% service fee added to the total. 

Commercial Painting Questions

What paint manufacturers do you use?

For 95% of the commercial buildings we paint, we use either Sherwin Williams or Hallman Lindsay products.  Based on the unique project, color and timeline, we decide on which paint manufacturer can provide the best product for that specific job.  Both SW and HL paints are of the highest quality with amazing customer service.

How often do you need to repaint a commercial building?

his is not an exact science, as there are a lot of variables which can determine the length of time in between repaints.  If you want to use bright colors such as red, orange and blue on your building, it’s important to note that these colors have a tendency to fade quicker than grays, whites and browns.  Typically, the south side of a building, the side that gets the most sun, will show signs of fading, chalking or cracking first.  The north side of a building will hold its color longer, but may end up looking dirty or algae may grow in certain areas due to shade and moisture.  With each building being unique, the length in between repaints will be different.  The rule of thumb is to start looking closely at the exterior of your building five years after it is painted and keep an eye out for cracking, fading, chalking or algae growth, which would require a power washing and a repaint.

Can I save money if I buy my own paint?

The customer will not save money if they purchase their own paint.  BCP does such high volume paint purchases with our manufacturers that our products are purchased at a discounted rate and in turn, BCP will provide you with a cost savings compared to purchasing your own paint.

Does BCP provide color consultation services?

Yes, we do provide a color consultation to help you determine the best color or colors to use.  We appreciate it if our customers have a general color scheme in mind and we can bring our color guides to assist in finding the base and accent colors.  Once the project is approved, we will also provide a test sample on the building before we start the project.

What Commercial Painting Services Do You Provide?

BCP provides professional, high quality services which include interior and exterior light industrial and commercial painting, specialty coatings, vinyl wall covering removal, drywall repairs, vinyl wall covering installation, power washing, and staining wood.  We also have a large, in-house spray booth so we’re able to easily spray out our doors, frames and cabinets.

Why should I hire a Commercial Painting Contractor to paint my commercial building?

All of our painters at BCP have been trained to effectively and efficiently paint commercial buildings.  Typically, we use large boom lifts and our painters are required to attend yearly training sessions on both boom lifts and boom lift safety.  BCP has large airless paint sprayers designed for commercial and industrial projects.  BCP understands the importance of schedules, painting near parking lots and cars, safety on commercial projects and how to be efficient in every step of the commercial project.

How long will it take to paint my commercial building?

It all depends on the substrate we are painting, the amount of paint we use, how much prep the painters will need to do before we can start painting and the products we are using.  We have completed small commercial projects that only take a day and we have been on large warehouse projects that take months, in multiple phases.

Do you have a list of references with pictures?

Yes, we certainly can provide references and pictures of our completed jobs.  You can visit our website to view our photo gallery.  We can also provide a list of commercial properties painted by BCP that are similar to your specific commercial property so you’re able to see the finished project in person.  We also have a list of references we can send upon request.

How much will it cost to paint the exterior of my commercial building?
  1. Every building is different.  The overall cost to paint a commercial building will be determined by a few things. 1. The size of the building or space you need painted, 2. The amount of prep that needs to be done before we can start to paint 3. The substrate we are painting - is it drywall, concrete block, brick, EIFS, precast and 4. The products used to complete your unique project.


Do you need to see the commercial building or can you provide an estimate of the phone?

The Sales/Estimators at BCP would prefer to visit the commercial area or commercial building that needs to be painted.  We would also like to meet with the decision makers during this initial meeting so we can determine the scope of work, timeline and discuss the expectations. 

What is the process to get a proposal to paint my commercial building?

You can visit our website, add website url, and submit a request for a free quote.  One of our Sales/Estimators will contact you within 48 hrs to discuss your painting project.  You can also call our office directly at 414-476-9770 to discuss your painting needs with one of our Sales/Estimators.  Typically, they will then set up an appointment to walk and measure the building.

What size paint crew will I have on my job?

The project size and schedule will dictate the size of the crew, but on an average there are 2-3 members of the BCP crew on each jobsite.

Commercial Warehouse Painting Questions

What type of paint or material do you use for striping?

We will typically grind the floor in the areas that will be stripped for best adhesion of the paint.  Then we roll on one coat of a Macro Epoxy and one coat of a Acrolon Polyurethane.

How long does the paint typically last under standard warehouse conditions?

Every situation is different and depends on the amount of forklift traffic.  In most cases you won’t need to refresh the line for 5 to 10 years.

Do you use any environmentally-friendly or low-VOC products?

For all of our warehouse painting either new projects or repaints we use low VOC latex paint. 

How do you prepare the surface before striping?

We use hand held floor grinders to remove existing stripes and to abrase the floor where the new stripes are going.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on your work?

All of our work has a 1-year warranty on workmanship. 

How do you handle repairs or touch-ups if the striping wears off or gets damaged?

A lot of times we can hand scrape the area that has worn off, reline and then repaint to match the existing safety yellow without a lot of interruption and without the use of a floor grinder.

Do you offer maintenance packages or services?

We can work together on a maintenance or yearly service package.  Typically our service packages are done at a time and material rate.

What is your clean-up process after the job is done?

We will always remove all tape and plastic and dispose of it.  All of our empty paint buckets will be removed from the job site as well. Finally we will complete our final punch list to make sure the project is completed 100% and to our customers satisfaction.

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