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Milwaukee Commercial Painting Services

Welcome to Blair Commercial Painting, Milwaukee’s leading commercial painting company. With years of experience, we understand the specialized painting requirements of Milwaukee’s many sectors. Whether it’s a manufacturing facility in the Harbor District, a popular hotel in East Town, or a new building project managed by top general contractors, our crew is ready to provide unrivaled painting services that will last.

What industries do we work with?

Manufacturing Facilities
Painting Milwaukee, known for its strong manufacturing background, is home to several factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities. We provide protective coatings and specialist painting solutions at Blair Commercial Painting to keep these areas looking beautiful and protected from the weather. Our skilled staff knows the needs of industrial environments and produces solutions that not only improve aesthetics but also endure a long time.
Healthcare Facility Painting
Our city's healthcare institutions, from Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center to smaller clinics, need a hygienic and pleasant atmosphere. We provide specialist painting services utilizing sanitary, easy-to-clean paints to guarantee the comfort and safety of both patients and professionals.
Educational Establishments
Milwaukee's schools, from Marquette University to local primary schools, serve as the foundation of our community. A new coat of paint can revitalize learning spaces, and we're here to help you make that transition as easy as possible.
Whether on the East Side, Third Ward, or anyplace else in Milwaukee, our tourist and hospitality companies deserve the greatest presentation. Fresh painting at hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging facilities has a significant impact on visitor experiences. Our crew makes certain that every brush stroke improves the appearance of your organization.
Real Estate and Multi-Unit Housing Painting
Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses dot Milwaukee's cityscape. We specialize in multi-unit painting, ensuring that every home, whether in Historic Third Ward or Brewer's Hill, looks its best.
Transportation Facilities
Transportation hubs, such as Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, need regular maintenance. Our painting services guarantee that these venues represent Milwaukee's world-class status, while also providing protection and aesthetic improvement.
Administration and Public Works Painting
Our city's pride is symbolized through public structures and infrastructure. We collaborate with government entities to ensure that these venues are both useful and reflective of the Milwaukee character.
Recreational and Sports Facilities
Recreational places, whether at a neighborhood gym or the Fiserv Forum, are where Milwaukee comes alive. We keep these facilities looking great by providing painting solutions that match the excitement and passion of each game, exercise, or event.
General Contractors
Our collaboration with general contractors is an important aspect of our service offering. We work closely together to ensure that new buildings or renovations satisfy the highest paint quality and application requirements.

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Milwaukee is a city with a broad economy and a rich history. Blair Commercial Painting is happy to provide commercial painting services that fulfill the needs of our city’s various industries. Contact us and let’s work together on our commercial painting project.